Site News

Some URL's to look at:

Visit the recently launched Norwegian Forest Cat Club Site!
And don't forget to take a look at the Makeitso and Bomeade homepages.
Take a peek at the new Nishalka Abysinian pages.
The latest addition to the Catbreeder pages is Gaygem British Shorthairs.

You can visit the UKCats Club website  from here.

We're sure you'll agree that "Homeopathy For Cats", an article written for Catbreeder by homeopath, Charles Barrett, is a very interesting and informative read.
Interested in homeopathic remedies? Like to know more? Then click here

Try this link for a US based site.

Would you like your cat to be Cat-of-the-Day?

We will try to visit several shows this year to meet with breeders and give them the chance to see and chat to the people behind the site; to add that personal touch to a medium that can seen very distant and impersonal.

Please mail us your news. Articles from breeders, for inclusion on site are welcomed. And, remember, if you run a charity/sanctuary or rescue centre and you would like an entry on our rescues page, we do this for free!

Feedback is always welcome, if you have any comments/suggestions, please email at

Thanks are due to Malcolm Baxter of Cyberquest, from whose original idea Catbreeder was developed..

Thank you M.

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