Homoeopathic Treatment for Animals and Humans

Treating illnesses and diseases with natures own substances, remedies
made from animal, vegetable or minerals has been known and used with
great success since at least the times of the ancient Greeks.  All
Homoeopathic remedies are dilutions of at the very least 10% and on to
.00001% or even lower, and at such dilutions are unable to cause any
side effects.

Homeopaths will have access to  ‘Provings', writings on the effects
that each remedy will have on a particular patient suffering from one
or more symptoms.  No Homoeopathic remedy has been tested on animals,
for the simple reason that we have to have a human prover who can keep
notes on any or all symptoms that may occur or be caused by the use of
the substance being proved.

I am often asked., "what illnesses can be successfully treated with
homeopathic remedies?” My answer is always the same.  A good,
well-qualified and long term practicing homoeopath can treat any
disease known to man.  We cannot always cure a patient but we can give
them a better quality of life, whilst not incurring any therapeutic
damage to the patient (which unfortunately all Allopathic drugs do).
A good homoeopath should be able to get a 95% cure, or easement, of
all cases in their care be it cat, dog, human or anything else.
I have found, over 40 years in practice that man y LSO called'
incurable diseases or disorders are curable.  Acute symptoms or
illnesses can be cured in only days, whilst many chronic cases can
take months.  The earlier a chronic disorder or disease can be treated
the better the chance we have of completing a cure.

The science of Homoeopathy is very complex, as is the very nature of
Nature itself and requires a huge amount of study, backed up by good
practical experience, to be able to treat long term or chronic

Of course there are many niggling disorders which cat breeders have to
contend with, which can be treated very quickly and easily.  I would
suggest that what is known as "Accident Remedy"-, a mixture of
Arnica., Rhus 7ox-, Ruta 6rav and Symphytum is a must for every cat
house hold.

Aconite and Arnica in the right potency are the best treatment for
Shock (and all accidents will bring on Shock!).  Arnica will relieve
all bruising, Aconite will relieve inflammation, Shock and fear, Rhus
Tox and Ruta Grav will always successfully treat strains and sprains
and Symphytum is the prime remedy for the treatment of broken or
fractured bones and also eye damage.  Therefore the L Accident Remedy'
given as soon as possible after any accident of any kind to any gender
of animal life will at the very least make the patient calmer and more
comfortable and will help the Vet or the Doctor to plaster bones or
stitch damaged body tissue, so long as the owner has given the victim
a dose or two as soon as possible.

I also advocate that all remedies for animal treatment should be used
in 'crystal' form, reasons why as follows:

1. A very few crystals on a tea spoon is a very easy way to administer
treatment, just open the mouth and drop onto the tongue.
2. In cases where the mouth can not be opened because of injury 34
ml of cooled, boiled water can be added to the few crystals on the tea
spoon allowing the crystals to dissolve and this solution can then be
picked up with an eye dropper or syringe and dripped between the
patients lips.
3. The crystals are a pure form of lactose and will almost always be
very agreeable to all animals.

I also advocate the use of the Homoeopathic Nosodes to protect against
serious diseases as it is becoming increasingly proven that Allopathic
vaccines often create  bad or serious side effects.
There are also very good remedies available to make kittening very
easy to complete at home without expensive visits to the Vet surgery,
Homoeopathic remedies to stop cats [both male & female] from spraying
in the house and to treat skin disorders.
But as I stated above, all illnesses and disorders both physical and
mental can be successfully be treated using Homoeopathy and the
skilled and experienced mind of the Homoeopath.
I hope this short resume on Homoeopathic treatment is helpful to you
but it needs many, many pages if not many books to even start to do
justice to the subject.  It took me seven years of study to qualify
and I'm still learning forty years later.  There are many remedies
that will help both yourselves and your cats, too many to list here,
but is possible to treat mental problems (fighting cats-fearful and
scared cats)-, hormone problems (pregnancy or not getting
pregnant-skin problems), spraying cats, help with kittening etc. etc.
from birth to death, Homoeopathy can help.

Charles Barrett

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