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"I have just submitted a new advert for your Find a Kitten page, could you please
cancel the first advert as these kittens have
now been homed, many enquiries coming via yourselves.
Our ad is under Wyrdspell Cats.

Pat Franks and Sarah Mark

"Many thanks for including my kittens on your site. As a result, two went
to a very lovely couple near Oxford who chose me because I had the
webpage of the actual kittens for sale. Your other advertisers may like
to consider doing this or at least posting photos online, it obviously
makes an impression."
      Sue Brown.

"Just to let you know that my kittens have now been sold.  I have had one or two enquirers who have found me
via your pages - thank you very much!Keep up the good work.  I "surf on in" quite regularly and find the pages very informative. I particularly like thehomeopathy link as I am a great believer in homeopathy and also Bach flower remedies.  I have a rescue cat inat the moment whom I am trying the flower remedies on and I think I am  having some success.  She hated other cats but now ignores them.  She can also be a bit spiteful to humans but I have added another flower remedy to her regime and am keeping my fingers crossed."
      Best wishes.
      Marion Fisher
      Octagon British Shorthairs

"I've had to give up work through ill health so am home most of the time.  I breed and show
both self and smoke Persians.  If anyone wants to contact me either about Persians or for a cat
chat, they can E-Mail or telephone me.  I'd be please to hear from them."
     Hazel Beveridge

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