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Please can you help? I am trying to find an Abyssinian or Egyptian Mau
kitten, I live in London so preferably in the south east.
I have tried a lot of websites but haven't had much luck.
Thanks,Tamsin Davies E-Mail:

hi im looking for a maine coon kitten. no further than england, but if had to go to london, then would. if you could email me back on

Can you please advise if there are any Burmese or Siamese kittens available soon in the North Western area of England or North Wales.E.Mail: "sue hadaway" <>

I just read recently that there are acutally two or three cat breeds
whose coats are non-shedding.
Do you know if this is true or only a rumour?
If there are such breeds which ones are they?
I have tried several places to find out the above and have had no luck
so any information you can provide I'd be grateful. E.Mail:

I lost my blue point Siamese a couple of years ago and decided to replace her.Can you help me to locate a breeder
Kindest regards

Hi, I am looking for a persian kitten for my mum for her 50th birthday, any colour other than peach.  Not for show purely love.
Her birthday is on 6 Decemebr 2002 and an urgent response would be appreicated.

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