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Exotic & Persian 

Lola Lowenberg 
423 53 Torslanda 

Tel.  +46  707 568674 

E-Mail lola.lowenberg@swipnet.se 

We breed Exotic & Persian .In following colours 
Solid.Tabby( Mackeral)  and Colourpoint. 
A  small cattery, established in 1987. 

Home of Brylou Doyoulikeme 
Imported from the UK.and the first Colourpoint Exotic European Champion. 

S`Walkabout`s  Somalis 
Ruddy, fawn, sorrel and blue. 

Mona Nasman 

E-Mail   mona.nasman@swipnet.se

Visit our Homepage 

Birman breeder of Seal, Blue and Red 

Lena Nordström 
146 52 Tullinge 

Tel. +46  (8) 778 6415 

E-MAIL  shenando@algonet.se 

Home of two Englishmen 
EP & EC Arbaybi Bashful Beau and 
Gr Int Ch Dubrova Dopey Beau 

Big Blue´s Devon Rex 

Annelie Fredriksson 

E-MAIL  dev_rex@hotmail.com 

All colours. 

SagaStar`s Sacred Birmans 

Satu Toivanen 
118 63 Stockholm, 

Tel.  +46 8-7203011 

E-Mail satu.toivanen@wineasy.se 

I have a very small cattery that specializes mostly in sealpoints and 
red/creampoints in following patterns: Solids, lynx and turtles. Also 
bluepoints and with little luck lilac and chocolate are possible colors. 

Please visit my homepage of SAGASTAR`S 

Balinese and Angora (Javanese)

Ancki Lindström
59494 Gamleby

Tel  +46 (0)493 21051

E-Mail  swe-scot@ebox.tninet.se

Balinese and Angora (Javanese)
Lilac, Chocolate, Black, Red, Tortie.
Now Babies from different litters available to good loving homes. 
Breed and showcats as well as pets.

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