The Norwegian Forest Cat Club welcomes you to the official website for NFCs in the UK.

Norwegian Forest Cats are a historic breed of large, robust, natural cats who really do come from Norway.  A good Forest Cat has a special expression - intelligent, calm, dignified, maybe even a bit wicked - which makes it different from any other breed.  This is known as the "NFC look".
Forest cats are the result of Viking sailors bringing home cats from as far afield as Turkey, Spain, Africa and Russia. (There are no other small cats indigenous to Scandinavia.)  These varied cats then interbred, and only those with  the most rugged coats and constitutions could survive the harsh conditions and thrive to become the companions of isolated farmers all over Norway and Sweden.

In the mid twentieth century, Scandinavian urban expansion threatened the Norwegian Forest Cat, so a special breeding programme was put in place in Norway to save them. Nowadays they are very popular, not only because they are so handsome and easy to care for, but also because they make such easy-going, loving and interesting companions.

The Norwegian Forest Cat Club was launched in 1987, when the first Forest Cats were imported into Britain. We are still the only affiliated UK Club specialising in this wonderful breed. Since our small beginnings the breed has gone from strength to strength as English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people have taken them into their homes and their hearts. Now there are some forty breeders throughout the country and NFCs are well represented at Cat Shows.

Grand Premier Maysula HelenyaNorwegian Forest Cats gained Championship Status with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in June 1997. Since then many have gained titles, including our first three Grand titled Norwegian Forest Cats: Grand Premier Maysula Helenya (pictured here)- now a UK Grand, Grand Premier Lizzara Bardolph and Grand Champion Kyrrekatt Claire.

There are two main regulators of the Cat Fancy in the UK: The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and the Cat Association, which is much smaller but affiliated to FIFe. The Standard of Points for the Norwegian Forest Cat is similar for both bodies as you can see here.